Day 16 Easter/ Brock Lesner

I drive into the tiny town of Maryfield, with my workout already done in Regina. Tomorrow will be Easter Sunday and I am thinking I will do COE at home because I have the gear. I would rather get the workout done before a 6 and half hour drive but don't have a choice, but when I drive into this town population 385. I see a gym on the Main Street. I have been to a lot of small towns and never saw a gym, not to mention looks new and well maintained. I ask my contact for the show about it and she says it's Brock Lesner's, ha now it makes sense. I get a tour very nice and clean but not great for the hero work outs that use different kind of equipment. After making an assememnt there is only one workout I can do in there.


12 rounds for time of:
45 pound Dumbbell hang squat clean, 10 reps
6 Handstand push-ups on dumbbells

First awesome work by Brock Lesner for donating and redoing an old legion to turn into a gym. If some beast of an athlete comes out of Maryfield down the line, it will be because of Brock Lesner. This feels more like a hero wod then any other. I am away from my family on Easter Sunday and that sucks, but I think of soilders doing it for months at a time, and makes me suck it up. I don't realize how hard this gonna be until I start warming up, cause some workouts I can tell are gonna suck and this one I am not sure of, so I try a movement that I have never done before; dumbbell hang squat clean and it sucks. Then I think well at least it has handstand push-ups to break it up cause I like those.  This has a twist though you do them off the dumbbells, which makes it insane hard. I barely finish round one. How am I gonna get this done? I should just do regular hand stand push-ups that is a good enough workout right? Maybe it's only hard cause I have bad wrist mobility, So it's the same....... ah fuck, it says dumbbells for a reason so do it. My god this is insane and it doesn't feel like the end will ever come. Even the later rounds it doesn't seem like the end is in site cause I am so gassed. I can' t rush cause I have already no repped myself about 10 times on The push-ups. This reminds me of a mountain I climbed where I was so close to the summit and was so tierd, and before the summit was scree. Scree is fine rock when you take a step you slide back 3/4 of a step. I had no pen so took 12 packs of sugar form hotel and slide over as I get through a round, to make sure I can keep track. When I hike and climb I always listen to Eddie Vedder Into the Wild soundtrack, and out of the blue on a mix indie youtube playlist it comes on, very fitting. I finish pure hell from start to finish. Someone had asked me what the worst workout I had done so far was, and I said The Seven, I had did that one and had a pre workout drink that didn't sit good, and I felt sick the whole time and puked right after. I think I can now say Nick is the hardest, wouldn't of put in top 50 hardest by the looks but it killed me. 48:48. That is 18 done 43 to go.

U.S. Army Specialist Nicholas P. Steinbacher, 22, of La Crescenta, California, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, based in Fort Hood, Texas, died on December 10, 2006 of injuries suffered when insurgents attacked his Humvee with an improvised explosive device in Baghdad, Iraq. He is survived by his parents Paul and Carolyn, and brothers Dan and Kirk. 

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