Day 18 That was to Much!!

My legs feel very fresh, so I am looking for one out of the 61 that has lots of squats. There is one that has way more then any other. The weight isn't big but 29 reps and 10 rounds for 290 squats has gotta be bad. I am not sure cause never in my life have I done 290 squats with weight. I don't totally understand the wod cause it says a 10 meter farmer carry with 135lbs barbells. I think that means a 135 in one of those deadlift bars that you stand in, well that shouldn't be bad. Looks like this workout is the squats. After investigating cause I want to make sure I do it right. It turns out its two full length bars 135 each for a total of 270. Well that is a game changer. My coach Nat is out helping as she is just as interested in how to go about this. Have you ever tierd to lift a full bar of 135 with one hand, it is 10 times worse doing two cause you have to balance. As soon as I pick them up one is kind of alright the other either tips forward or back. I can't even stand these up never mind move with them. After 3-4 try's I kinda almost get one done. Wow this is way out of my league. So here is what his wod looks like


10 rounds for time of:
15 ft Rope Climb, 1 ascent
95 pound Back squat, 29 reps
135 pound barbells Farmer carry, 10 meters

Rope climbs start from sitting on the floor

Ok great, just when you think something is kinda of easy there is a twist. 1 rope climb fine, starting from the floor literally makes it twice as hard cause it eliminates ur jump up. Why would anything surprise me at this point. Ok so here we go this should be brutal I imagine, and I am correct. You know it's a tough wod when the easy part is the 290 squats. The last farmer carrys are so bad. I have to pump myself up to lift them, when I drop them it feels like they are ripping my shoulders out of there sockets. I finish and am very happy that I was able to finish it. That is the first one weren't I wasn't sure if I could physically do it. All others you want to quit cause they hurt, this one that farm carry was out of my league. 57:16. I sit down and my legs won't stop shaking. I thought the squats were the easy part but post workout my legs are letting me know that was no walk in the park. I am now 5 hours post workout and this is the roughest I have felt. I can barely walk up the stairs. I can safely say I will never do that again. This wod has wrecked my day, safe to say tomorrow I will be looking for something with not to much legs, 20 done, 41 to go. 

 U.S. Army Captain David J. Thompson, 39, of Hooker, Oklahoma, commander of Operational Detachment Alpha 3334, Company C, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne), based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, was killed on January 29, 2010, while supporting combat operations in the Wardak Province of Afghanistan. Thompson is survived by his wife, Emily, their two daughters, Isabelle and Abigail, his parents, Charles and Freida, and his sister Alisha Mueller.

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