Day 3 Legs feel fresh lets get those Squats done

The pain of doing this has hit me. I could not sleep with pain in my shoulders. I am 2 wods in and realizing how hard this. Don't get me wrong I knew this would be hard, but it's not even stiffness its both that and pain. So i put off the workout Abatte as I thought 42 clean and jerks at 155 would be to much for my shoulders. My legs feel great, lets do something with alot of squats. It is between Thompson and Brian. Thompson has 290 squats at 95 lbs( you can see why I would want to have fresh legs for this one) or Brian that has 75 squats but is at 185lbs. Thompson has a farmer carry with 135 lb bar, which we don't have at our gym so Brian it is. I do a little warm up and am excited to get this big leg one out of the way, as my legs may be stiff for the rest of the way. The workout is 

Brian 3RFT

5 rope climbs

25 Squats 185lbs

Brian Bill  |  Age 31  |  Stamford, Connecticut

U.S. Navy Special Warfare Operator Chief Petty Officer (SEAL) Brian R. Bill, 31, of Stamford, Connecticut, assigned to an East Coast-based Naval Special Warfare unit, died on August 6, 2011, of wounds suffered when his unit’s helicopter crashed in Wardak province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his mother Patricia Parry and her husband Dr. Michael Parry, his father Scott, and siblings Christian, Amy, Andrea, Kerry, Tessa, and Morgan. 

I get the weights set up, and chalk up and then hits... fuck me my shoulders hurt so much am I going to be able to even climb this rope? 

I get one done, and just tell myself this is not a race take ur time recover and get the next one done, there is a class going on, and I thought why did I open my mouth and say I was going to this.God I would love to be doing that nice little 10 minute amrap going on right now, as opposed to am I gonna fall down this rope at some point? I get through round one of rope climbs, ok good this should be doable. I know my time is gonna be bad as these climbs I can't rush so I klnow there is alot of squats so take your time and just get it done. Second round i do my first climb and it feels easy, whoa like adrelaine knowing I can do it. The Wod then became very fun with the only thought going through my head, what Hero wod can I do tomorrow that doesn't involve legs or upper body.     


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