Day 49, Late Nite

Mad at myself. Had a show last night, and stayed out longer then I should of, ahh drinks till 2 up at 5 for work. Well you made your bed you gotta sleep in in it. I feel a bit fuzzy, and wonder what I can get done. As I know there is no easy hero wod, they all take you into a dark place all in different ways. But I want an amrap as I want to be able to know when it's gonna be done. So I lean towards towards an Amrap. Gym owner Scotty jumps in with me, and we push it and it becomes as hard as any other wod:

 Hero WOD: Harper


23 minutes
9 chest-to-bar pull-ups
15 power cleans (135 pounds)
21 squats
400-meter run with a 45-pound plate

 I would of never worked out today if I wasn't trying to do 61 in 61. It worked out great though as me and Scotty went hard and almost got 4 rounds done. Thanks for the push Scott. Felt like death right after but 20 mins later, all good. 51 done, 10 to go.


  hero wods

Phoenix Firefighter Brad Harper, 23, of Peoria, Arizona, died while on the scene of a two-alarm fire on May 19, 2013. Harper loved being a firefighter and had worked with the Phoenix Fire Department, where he was assigned to Rescue 21, for two years. He is survived by his wife, Lena; three younger brothers, Ryan, Daniel and Jacob; and parents, Bob and Cyndy.


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