Day 59 Saved the worst for last

I finished this on Memorial Day. I seen it coming up and thought there is no better way to finish then on that day. The reason these hero Wods were made was for this reason to honour those who have died. So I do a couple extra two a days and it works perfect. I am now writing this on June 6, D Day. With a little more then a week to reflect since I have finished. The question I get the most, or not even as much as Question but a statement "must be nice to be done."

 I am not even sure how to answer that. I am happy that I got it done, or did it, yeah, but even then when I said I was going to do this, I knew I would get it done as it is for them. It wasn't like me saying I am gonna eat right and workout in the new year, then 3 days later I am hungover eating fast food. This had a purpose and I knew I would do it. I have never really felt like that before. Even now that I am done, I miss it. It consumed me for two months. I will continue on and try to do a hero wods every once in awhile. This last wod when I looked at all the wods jumped out at me as wow that would be terrible. I actually never met anyone who has done it before, and I knew what would be the bad part. I knew it would be bad and it was worse then I imagined.

 Hero WOD: Servais

WOD Type: For Time

Run 1.5 miles
Then, 8 rounds of:
19 pull-ups
19 push-ups
19 burpees
400-meter sandbag carry (heavy)
1-mile farmers carry with 45-pound dumbbells

 I get to gym, and I am excited. I feel great and I am wondering what that farmer carry is gonna be like. That middle part makes Murph look fun. 152 pull ups, push ups and burpees. The burpees are the worst. The push ups and pull ups weren't that bad. Just in case your shoulders aren't gassed enough take that 50lbs sand bag for a 400 meter run, which actually takes anything you had left in your shoulders. Wow, ok that is all done. Now comes the scariest thing of all 61 hero Wods a mile farmer carry with no strength left in your shoulders. I grab the 45 lbs Dumbbells. Haha are you shitting me, this is not gonna be good. I don't get far, take a break, repeat,repeat, repeat, repeat, etc. It was the perfect way to end. With nothing that has to do with a weight you can't do or a gymnastic movement you can't do, but just pure pain and a mental exercise because it is so long and the end is never close. Then with about 600 meters left my coach Nat comes out to cheer me on, and after awhile the end seems near, but as bad as it is, I don't want it to be done,(the journey of 61 hero wod,  yes I want this farmer carry to be done!!) 1:21 done 61 hero Wods. Forearms hurt for 3 days after. Once again thanks to all the troops that gave the ultimate sacrifice, the reason we have these hero Wods 

hero wods

U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Adam Servais, of Onalaska, Wisconsin, died Aug. 19, 2006, in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan, when his vehicle came under hostile fire. The 23-year-old was assigned to the 23rd Special Tactics Squadron, Hurlburt Field, Florida. Servais is survived by his parents, Peter and Susan; and sister, Laura.






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