Day 7 Fun in the Sun

Looking forward to this workout. I have done this one before so I know i can do it. The reason I have done it before cause I had scrolled through all the hero wods and picked it as one I can phiscally do. No tricky Technique, gymnastic movements or big wesights. Just long grinding workout right up my alley a no talent one. Just keep moving and you will get it done. I start running with the bag of sand, and soon realizied I have underestimated something and for good reason. This bag of sand is brutal to carry! The reason I underestimated..... cause I have never ran 400 meters with a 50lbs bag of sand, I finished the first 400 meters and was like are you shitting me, I have to do that 5 more times, I never want to do that again. I remember in the 3rd round thinking I should just quit, " it's not like 3 rounds isn't a workout" but when i drop the bag of sand I was like, you have never Rx'd a hero wod, this is one of the few you can do, and you have already done 3 rounds. I think I pretty much walked the last 3 rounds but I got it done.


6 rounds for time

400 meter run with 50lbs bag of sand

12 push press 115

12 box jumps24'

12 sumo hi pull deadlift

Today will be different I know the run will suck, but the sun is out, and Scotty Gardiner offers to do it with me. It is always nice to have someone suffer with you. Then a last second add on, Jake Touriner 19 who can run. So why not try to keep up. Maybe not the smartest but I feel good and I don't want walk this time so lets push it a bit. It was a good push but same thoughts in like the second round is this should be a four round workout six seems stupid. Last round I can see Jake and I was like lets go full out max see if you can catch him...... nope but made the last round crazy hard. There is something to be said when you do ur last rep and ur like I can not do one more. Perfect hard push on a Friday but the only thing harder then that last round is trying not to drink, and it's happy hour to boot!!!!! Not easy. 8 done 53 to go.


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