Day before 61 in 61

Ok here we go, excited to get this started. The first Hero Wods I know I can get done. Crazy hard and a huge workload yes, but all movements I can do. There is a difference between looking at this one which is scary cause it's big but not as scary as the ones to come later on, that as of now I know I can't do. Example 30 power cleans at 225, well my PR is 211 so got some work there. Or one that has a 100 overhead squats at 135, I literally could be in the gym all day. That is thing about this, is that I am not good enough to do this, if it is grunt work that you just have to keep moving that is up my alley but if it takes skill ahh watch out. It will take me twice as long as someone who is good. If troops can do what they do everyday, away from there family's, the least I can do is grind out these workouts named after the guys and women who lost there lives for us over here. 

I have mapped out the 61 in the best way I think works, mildly doing it alphabetically but those ones I can't do or will take all day will be strategically placed. Example JT is all upper body so if there is a day when I can't walk from a leg day that's when I will do that one.


A.Brown  48 deadlifts at 295, 96 wall balls, 96 box jumps, 48 bench press at 195, 48 cleans at 145

Adam Brown  |  Age 36  |  Hot Springs, Arkansas

Navy Chief Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) Adam Lee Brown, 36, of Hot Springs, Arkansas, was killed on March 17th, 2010 in Komar Province, Afghanistan, in a battle against heavily armed militants. He is survived by his wife, Kelley, two children, Nathan and Savannah, and by his parents.


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