Day 6 I puked is it worth it

I am laying on my couch completly spent. These workouts are killing me after, walking is hard. I knew this one was gonna be brutal and it was just what I expected and a bit more. I knew 7 rounds of 135lbs thrusters were gonna kill, but I wasn't ready for everything else being hard. Besides the heavy deadlifts I didn't thing the other movements would be bad at all, but coming to each exercise I felt like I was gonna puke so no part of this was fun. This is the most I have wanted to quit so far, but that is what these workouts do, there is always a part where you want to quit. I think, I miss old gym days do an exercise catch ur breath, or better yet sit on a cardio machine and watch an episode of Mad Men, oh the glory days. Not this non stop pain train. It was in round 3 when I thought, this is to much, why would I think I could this, for real how stupid are you. The nice part of this workout is I had a partner. Ryan Robin, a beast. Both of my legs can't make up one of his, and we are in his garage getting this done cause he has all the gear. He is crushing me and making thrusters look easy, and I was thinking yeah this is the kind of person who should be doing this, not some chicken legged booze bag. There seems to be a point when I want to quit each time that I keep going because of the reason I am doing it. To honour those who gave there lives so we can enjoy our freedom here at home. I just keep moving along feeling like junk. Put a little push on at the end when I see that I am going to finish. Boom done, finish last rep walk out of the garage and puke, yep that was about has hard as it gets. One more hour of laying on the couch and I will judge if I can do Griff wod, no weight all cardio, but windy outside so might save it, well that and I can barely walk right now.Thanks Ryan Robin. 7 done 54 to go.

The Seven 43:17

7 rounds for time

7 handstand push ups

7 thrusters 135lbs

7 knees to bar

7 deadlifts 245lbs

7 burpees

7 kettlebell swings 2 pood

7 pull ups

The Seven

A suicide bomber killed seven CIA officers and one Jordanian officer at a remote base in southeastern Afghanistan on December 30, 2009 after posing as a potential informant reporting on Al Qaeda. Seven new stars will be etched onto the memorial wall at the CIA where every star represents grieving friends, family and colleagues dedicated to fight against the enemy, forever in their name.


Day 5 Problem right off the hop

Late night after a show last night, so was scared to get into a big grinding wod.I feel good but my hands have no strengthen. I go through all the workouts and soon or later I have to start knocking off some these ones with muscle ups. I only figured out how to do a muscle up last year. I have to do singles so a lot of them takes me a long time, as I need to recovery almost completly as it takes all my strength to get one done. So after looking at all the workouts I settle on ''Tyler"

5 rounds for time

7 muscle ups

21 Sumo deadlift pulls at 95

Perfect no real cardio, chip away at muscle ups and sumo deadlifts right up my alley. Clock starts, go for a muscle up, no rep can't squeeze bar, go again samething, go again samething. Shit looks like I am switching wods. If I can't get these right off the hop what are these gonna be like in the 3rd round. Ok take a breather grab that bar kip hard and pull back and get up on that bar. Did it! can I get two yeah, ok here we go. As I think I am doing good and go to cross off the 3rd round. I look at the paper again. Shit I have been doing 5 muscle ups not 7 each round, perfect so instead of 7 on my 4th round I am now doing 13. Realization of i might not be able to this workout, ahh I don't want to start another one. Maybe that pushs me more as i grab the bar harder, kip and pull harder, there we go found the groove. The deadlifts are almost a treat for getting your muscle ups done. 5th round goes smooth. In the grand scheme of things people should be embarssed of the time 24:16. That is a terriable time I would like to see what my time is when fresh. This 61 in 61I am starting to learn is no race it is just get it done. I never knew grip was gonna be a thing that was gonna effect me this much. Yesterday was 120 single pull ups cause I coundn't grab the bar. Well the rest of my body feels good, and I want to tackle a big one tomorrow. "The 7" is a big one, and has 49 thrusters at 135 which is just gross, so looking forward to crossing that one off the list tomorrow. Who knows maybe knock off a cardio one at the track at my boys dryland tomorrow, 6 done, 55 to go.

Tyler Parten  |  Arkansas

1LT Tyler E. Parten, 24, of Arkansas, died Sept. 10 in Konar province, Afghanistan, of wounds sustained when insurgents attacked his unit using rocket-propelled grenades and small arms fire. He was assigned to the 3rd Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Carson, CO

Day 4 Double up

Shoulders were sore, so now I am looking for what the easiest one is and then hope at one point I feel fresh and strong to try to attack the scary ones. There is no easy ones, but there are ones you look at and you know you can do. So I picked Wittman. 

Wittman 7 Rounds for time

15 kettlebell swings 1.5 pood

15 power cleans at 95

15 box jumos 24''


The thing with one you know you can do is you come maybe to fast. The way the workout is set up with the swings to powercleans my lower back is super tight by round 3 and now the grind begins. Finish 23:38, and feels good in the sense of I got one done while being that sore. Go home and my back loosens up and low and behold my shoulders don't hurt, they are tierd but not painfull. So you know what there is gonna be a couple days where I am in the bush camping so gonna need to bank a couple days. Back to the gym for Bradshaw.

10 rounds for time

3 handstand ups

6 deadlifts at 225

12 pullups

24 double unders

It was not pretty. Fresh I would say I can do 20 pull ups in a row, I couldn't even string togther 2. So now the question do I quit and come back to this or do I take forever and get it done. Said it once and it will be pretty much the theme of this quest. I am sure not ever mission a soilder goes on, goes the way they imagine. Ok if I can do 1 I can do 120 just won't be to fast. Chipped away and wasn't as bad once I hit round 4. Just keep moving and really started to enjoy it knowing I banked a day! Also had some coaches working out in the background yelling at me everyonce in awhile which always helps.27:42. 5 done 56 to go.

eremiah Wittman  |  Age 26  |  Darby, Montana

U.S. Army Sergeant Jeremiah Wittman, 26, of Darby, Montana, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, based out of Fort Carson, Colorado, was killed on February 13, 2010, when insurgents attacked his unit with a roadside bomb in Zhari province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his daughters Miah and Ariauna, wife Karyn, siblings Robert H., Charity, Jenell, and Natasha, father Robert, and mother Cynthia Church.

 Brian Bradshaw  |  Age 24  |  Steilacoom, Washington

U.S. Army First Lieutenant Brian Bradshaw, 24, of Steilacoom, Washington, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Airborne Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, based in Fort Richardson, Alaska, died in Kheyl, Afghanistan, on June 25th, 2009, from wounds suffered when insurgents detonated a roadside bomb near his vehicle. He is survived by his parents, Paul and Mary, and brother Robert.

Day 3 Legs feel fresh lets get those Squats done

The pain of doing this has hit me. I could not sleep with pain in my shoulders. I am 2 wods in and realizing how hard this. Don't get me wrong I knew this would be hard, but it's not even stiffness its both that and pain. So i put off the workout Abatte as I thought 42 clean and jerks at 155 would be to much for my shoulders. My legs feel great, lets do something with alot of squats. It is between Thompson and Brian. Thompson has 290 squats at 95 lbs( you can see why I would want to have fresh legs for this one) or Brian that has 75 squats but is at 185lbs. Thompson has a farmer carry with 135 lb bar, which we don't have at our gym so Brian it is. I do a little warm up and am excited to get this big leg one out of the way, as my legs may be stiff for the rest of the way. The workout is 

Brian 3RFT

5 rope climbs

25 Squats 185lbs

Brian Bill  |  Age 31  |  Stamford, Connecticut

U.S. Navy Special Warfare Operator Chief Petty Officer (SEAL) Brian R. Bill, 31, of Stamford, Connecticut, assigned to an East Coast-based Naval Special Warfare unit, died on August 6, 2011, of wounds suffered when his unit’s helicopter crashed in Wardak province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his mother Patricia Parry and her husband Dr. Michael Parry, his father Scott, and siblings Christian, Amy, Andrea, Kerry, Tessa, and Morgan. 

I get the weights set up, and chalk up and then hits... fuck me my shoulders hurt so much am I going to be able to even climb this rope? 

I get one done, and just tell myself this is not a race take ur time recover and get the next one done, there is a class going on, and I thought why did I open my mouth and say I was going to this.God I would love to be doing that nice little 10 minute amrap going on right now, as opposed to am I gonna fall down this rope at some point? I get through round one of rope climbs, ok good this should be doable. I know my time is gonna be bad as these climbs I can't rush so I klnow there is alot of squats so take your time and just get it done. Second round i do my first climb and it feels easy, whoa like adrelaine knowing I can do it. The Wod then became very fun with the only thought going through my head, what Hero wod can I do tomorrow that doesn't involve legs or upper body.     


Day 2 "Small" Don't let the name fool you

Drove 3 hours after the show last night to get to Battleford with Abatte as the wod in the morning. I woke up and to my surprise my legs were fresh,  probably cause I don't do my deadlifts correct as my shoulders were very tight. I think that's why my body is the way it is, it looks like I am riding a chicken cause I just always use my shoulders for everything. The gym wasn't gonna be open till later, and I wanted to get home to the family so me and the brother in law checked the list and switched up the wod. He has a rower, a 24" box, a mat, and we mapped out 800 meters. So the wod is

Small 3RFT

1000 meter row

50 Burpees

50 Box jumps

800 meter run

The rower was not a Concept 2, the kind we are all used to, where I usually would take me 3:30, and maybe by the last round 4 minutes for 1000 meter row. Not the case here; rowing was like running in mud, 8 minutes For 1000 meters! I said "you know what this is taking me exactly double my time so I should do 500 meters and that will be equal?". Then I thought, yeah maybe on a regular wod but not a hero wod. I am sure not every mission they go out on goes exactly as planned. I am not here to put up any record time, I am here to get it done. It took 1:06:16. I have never enjoyed a 800 meter run more in my life as I did on last part of the whole thing on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Looking forward to tomorrow. Had 2 shows this weekend and no booze, if my body does shut down, I don't know if it will be from the workouts or my body wondering were the booze is. Thanks Trevor Risling for being my partner in the first 2. 59 to go.


Marc Small  |  Age 29  |  Collegeville, Pennsylvania

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Marc Small, 29, of Collegeville, Pennsylvania, assigned to 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne), based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, died on February 12, 2009, from wounds sustained when insurgents attacked his unit with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and small arms fire in Faramuz, Afghanistan. He is survived by his father and stepmother, Murray and Karen, mother and stepfather, Mary and Peter MacFarland, and fiancee Amanda Charney.

Day 1 WTF am I doing

A. Brown is done! Early on in the first round of this wod, I thought what the fuck I am I doing. Seriously I am not good enough to do this and this sure doesn't feel good, and just cause I can lift something once at that weight doesn't mean I can do it 48 times. I felt like Reese Witherspoon in the movie Wild. She is going to hike The Pacfiic Crest trail, and she goes to start she can't even put on her backpack on. That is exactly what I felt like. If this workout has the things I can do I am scared for the ones that I can't, Also a little scared to think of how I will be tomorrow, I am sure these aren't fun when your stiff. On the brightside one down sixty to go. Thanks Battleford gym for letting me do it, and my brother in law who did it with me, something about having someone suffer with you that makes it better. Six hour round trip to  Vegerville now and get ready for tomorrow.

I hate running so only thing nice about this one is I know I can do the weight and all I have to do is keep moving. 


Matthew Abatte  |  Age 26  |  Honolulu, Hawaii

U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Matthew T. Abbate, 26, of Honolulu, Hawaii, assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, based out of Camp Pendleton, California, was killed on December 2, 2010, while conducting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his wife Stacie Rigall, son Carson, mother Karen Binion, father Salvatore Abbate, and siblings Dominica Abbate, Elliot Abbate, Valerie Binion, and Kelly Binion.


Day before 61 in 61

Ok here we go, excited to get this started. The first Hero Wods I know I can get done. Crazy hard and a huge workload yes, but all movements I can do. There is a difference between looking at this one which is scary cause it's big but not as scary as the ones to come later on, that as of now I know I can't do. Example 30 power cleans at 225, well my PR is 211 so got some work there. Or one that has a 100 overhead squats at 135, I literally could be in the gym all day. That is thing about this, is that I am not good enough to do this, if it is grunt work that you just have to keep moving that is up my alley but if it takes skill ahh watch out. It will take me twice as long as someone who is good. If troops can do what they do everyday, away from there family's, the least I can do is grind out these workouts named after the guys and women who lost there lives for us over here. 

I have mapped out the 61 in the best way I think works, mildly doing it alphabetically but those ones I can't do or will take all day will be strategically placed. Example JT is all upper body so if there is a day when I can't walk from a leg day that's when I will do that one.


A.Brown  48 deadlifts at 295, 96 wall balls, 96 box jumps, 48 bench press at 195, 48 cleans at 145

Adam Brown  |  Age 36  |  Hot Springs, Arkansas

Navy Chief Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) Adam Lee Brown, 36, of Hot Springs, Arkansas, was killed on March 17th, 2010 in Komar Province, Afghanistan, in a battle against heavily armed militants. He is survived by his wife, Kelley, two children, Nathan and Savannah, and by his parents.


Album 1 available on ITunes & CD Baby

Here is my first album. It's available on ITunes & CD Baby. I recorded it in one of my favourite clubs Rumors Comedy Club in Winnipeg. It was a fun night with some crowd work. Click here to check it out

Hartnell Down Show

I completely forgot I said this, made it up pretty much as I walked on stage. Was a great night for a great cause.

Watch me beak Hartnell

World Juniors

New clothing Sponsor

Happy to announce 22 Fresh as my clothing sponser for all non corporate shows!

Check out there website to order clothes.

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Dressing me for all my corporate shows is the best Men's clothing store in Saskatchewan Ted Mathesons in Prince Albert. Make sure to vote for them for Apex award.

Winnipeg Comedy Festival: The Parent Trap

Kelly Taylor performs at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival on The Parent Trap gala.

Watch it here

Too much liquordome?

Memorial Cup 2013: Saskatoon comedian taunts Mooseheads with misspelled sign, perhaps on purpose?

A Saskatoon Blades fans proffers 2 tickets to the gun show (Steve Hiscock photo)

SASKATOON, Sask. — Rule No. 1 of chirping: make sure you have correct spelling.

Exception to the rule: unless you're trying to make someone take the bait. During Sunday's MasterCard Memorial Cup game, one spectator seated next to the Halifax Mooseheads bench tried to distract the Quebec League rep by wearing a crash helmet and pressing a neon-coloured sign up against the glass enclosing the bench area. At first glance, he whiffed on the spelling — one o short in "too much" and "Haifax" instead of "Halifax."

However, evidence shows the spectator was apparently a Saskatoon comedian named Kelly Taylor (@TicTaylor). If this was performance art, was the spelling really that bad or was it a troll, designed to reel in journalists determined to turn a hockey tournament into a grammar rodeo?

The Liquordome is a well-known string of downtown bars located a few hundred metres from the Mooseheads' home arena, the Halifax Metro Centre. That's the brilliance of the bit: coming up with a joke that rewards the audience's Halifax nightlife knowledge, but then doing an apparent self-burn by using spelling you'd expect to see from Ricky on Trailer Park Boys. Who knows what to think, other than to maybe chuckle?
New Website!

After 10 years of stand-up I got a website.......Come check out where I'll be perfroming, my Twitter feed, videos and road stories.


Kelly Taylor Represents The Prairies on "Comedy Now"

Kelly Taylor represents the prairies on 'Comedy Now!'

by: Tyrone Warner
Date: 7/2/2010 11:41:00 AM

He may have given up hockey from comedy, but this funnyman knows how to score on stage.

Kelly Taylor appears on “Comedy Now!” on Saturday, July 3 on CTV, with the full episode available online at afterwards.

Taylor, who has performed at Just for Laughs in Vancouver and Calgary, credits his start in Saskatoon comedy clubs with giving him his confidence on stage.

“It was great for starting out, because you could get a ton of stage time, and then you had to work on your material. In nine months, I got to do my own headline set! It was a good way to build material,” says Taylor.

Working the clubs, Taylor learned to develop a robust set that can go from more adult humour to family-friendly material about the difficulty of scooping ice cream from a box.

Taylor also spends much of his time on the road, doing shows for colleges in the U.S and Canada.

“Campuses are different in Canada, as opposed to the U.S. In Canada, it’s more cut loose and free. I talk about drinking and partying and stuff like that, and in the U.S. it seems like they have comedy set up as an alternative for people going out and drinking,” says Taylor.

“I kind of tailor that show in America to just talking about everyday things. I think I’ve done 200 American colleges, and two out of that had alcohol there. It’s a different type of show. When I do corporate work, I talk about family and kids, whereas when I’m talking to a younger crowd, I rarely talk about having kids and that. Then it’s like, ‘Who’s this old guy?’”

This summer Taylor is bringing his family along as he crisscrosses the country doing comedy.

“It’s a little bit more work to get three kids to each show, as opposed to just me staying in any old motel room, jumping up and gone. It’s worth it; I won’t be homesick at all. It’s fun when you can put a vacation and work together.”

The funnyman says he developed his own sense of humour from his family, both from his father and his brothers.

Taylor says his father was “loud and in your face and really funny. He was always on and joking the whole time. And my brothers, it’s the same thing. My brother, his whole life, was burning me. Whatever you said or did, you got burned. All day. You had to have a defence for that, so it was back and forth. It’s a family thing.”

As for advice for young people looking to get into comedy, Taylor has this advice:

“Get on stage as much as you can. You can see sometimes if the crowd is terrible, and you don’t want to go on… always go on. Those seem like the sets that make you a better comedian. It’s like anything, the more you practice, the better you are going to be.

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